Did you go to medical school, start your own practice and then find out that you didn’t learn critical skills necessary to run a business? This is a common complaint that most physicians have about modern medicine. You didn’t go to medical school to learn how to run a business. But if you are running your own practice, that’s exactly what you have; a business. You are a service based business that is offering medical care (a service) to patients (customers).

One critical skill in running a business is generating new leads (patients) so that your practice (business) can grow. Without a steady supply of patients (customers), your practice will stagnate and eventually die.

Iron Comet’s Medical Marketing eBook

Marketing is the process of attracting new and qualified leads into your practice. Marketing comes in many forms. Some work, some don’t. Some are online while others work in the offline world. We have written a marketing eBook entitled, “7 things you can do to market your practice right now”. Yeah, we know it’s a bit long of a title! This eBook lists 7 things that you can start doing today that will help attract new patients to your practice.

Marketing isn’t a plug and play system. Its something you have to keep working on month after month. But with our marketing eBook, you will know where to spend your time to get the best results.

To get this eBook for FREE, just sign up with the form below. You will receive the marketing eBook in an email. After that, you will receive new marketing tips that we have found to be helpful along with the occasional offer for a service that we think you might be interested in using. Our goal is to help practices learn marketing and be able to implement it to help grow their practices.

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