Medical IT 2012 – Choose Your Product Carefully Like EMR Technology

Iron Comet works with physician practices to help them stay on track with the latest practice management software and EMR technology.  One of our goals is to provide  doctors with real-time information about the patient.  Picking an established product makes sense because newer companies might not survive this difficult economy.  That is one reason we partnered with Mckesson.  Our association with them gives our line of products stability and has provided much needed credibility in the medical software business.

Financial incentives are convincing, and more importantly takes some of the risk out of investing in an EMR.  In my opinion it makes sense to implement a comprehensive package (practice management and EMR) when considering such a large undertaking.  We have always recommended buying Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical EMR.  These established programs are able to be set-up for a variety of specialty practices and have the latest next generation components.

One of the ultimate goals for healthcare and technology is to improve access to educational materials for providers and patients.  Improving communications between patients and providers is also important.  The other goal is for providers to be able to communicate with each other through their EMRs.  That might take awhile. Currently the problem is that different vendor’s programs do not communicate with each other effectively, some not at all.  There has been talk about creating a universal EMR system but that is another 10 years down the line.

We have come a long way though. The ability to e-prescibe is a great start.  This has prevented mistakes in prescriptions and continues to make the system more efficient.  Nurses and medical assistants no longer have to answer as many pharmacy callbacks or spend valuable time requisitioning charts.  As we continue to break new ground, there will be more innovation and we look forward to being there to see it.

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