Charge entry, for practices not quite ready for outsourced medical billing

Maybe you aren’t ready to fully outsource your practice’s medical billing. But you know your billing staff is just not able to get to everything they need to do. Maybe your charges are backing up and they are a few days behind.


charge entry service
Medical charge entry service

Don’t let delays in charge entry effect your cash flow

Whenever charges get behind, this effects your practice’s cash flow.

How our service works:

  1. Your staff scans in any superbills for the day
  2. Our staff will log in remotely to your system and enter all of these charges. This is done each day.
  3. We enter your charges into your system each day.
  4. Any charges that we have questions about will be sent back to your practice so that we can get clarification for us to bill.
  5. You will receive a daily report showing the charge entry information – how many charges were entered, total for charges, etc.

We guarantee that all charges will be entered within 24 hours with a 99% accuracy. If we don’t maintain a 99% accuracy for the month, you don’t pay us. In addition, if charges are not entered in within 24 hours each day (barring Internet issues, weather, Acts of God, etc.) you don’t pay.

Its as simple as that.

Give your staff the time they need to handle everything else in your practice.

Our rates are based on total collections on charges only and are as low as 1%.

If you would like more information or would like to get started, call us at 1-855-476-2668. You can also contact us at our online email form here.


If you are interested in medical billing services, please visit our page here.


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