Meaningful Use: From Evaluation to Implementation

The Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on healthcare was not only created to improve medical care but to be able to get more data about patients and populations which will significantly help to determine trends in disease management.

The idea around “Meaningful Use” is quite simple yet because of government terminology can be confusing. A meaningful EHR user must demonstrate that it is using certified EHR technology, that the technology is connected in a manner that allows for the exchange of healthcare information, and the user can effectively demonstrate the technology’s meaningful use.

With the enactment of the (ARRA) a new era of healthcare in the U.S. was launched. It commits $180 billion for healthcare spending, with approximately $23 billion dedicated to health IT.

With the overarching goal of facilitating the adoption of EHR for every American by 2014, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the funding will enable approximately 90% of doctors and 70% of hospitals to adopt and “meaningfully use” EHRs in the next decade.

Medisoft Clinical EHR meets all of the criteria for meaningful use and is fully certified to qualify for stimulus dollars. Iron Comet Consulting is a medical IT firm that specializes in helping physicians and their staff streamline office procedures and workflow to help you do what you do best, taking care of patients. You can reach us at or at our offices in Stockbridge, Ga., 770-506-4383

The cost of doing nothing is significant.

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