Maximize the Value of your EMR


When doctors first implement an EMR system into their practice they should expect a significant change in workflow and data collection.  New protocols and clinical pathways will develop within the practice that will be significantly different from the past.

Many companies touting their EMR systems as an efficiency tool miss the deeper value that this technology brings to medical professionals.  Using the massive databases and tremendous amounts of information, doctors can now improve patient safety by suggesting courses of action tied to the data entered into the patient record.  A simple example would be tracking and analyzing patterns of medication use by diagnosis and comparing this and other variables to patient outcomes.  Such a comparison would boost the role of pharmacotherapy and open the door to better management of disease.

An EMR is a capable partner when used to recognize contraindications, product warnings or harmful interactions and side effects of drugs or therapy.  By linking a patient’s clinical assessments to recommended services it can speed the acceptance and use of evidenced-based protocols while guiding the medical team to suggested treatments.

As your program develops, your practice will come to rely on the vast information at your fingertips.  Over time the staff will become more familiar and comfortable with the new processes.  Your vendor can help duplicate an already well managed clinical model if you don’t want to change this substantially.  With the help of a technician and the willingness to invest some time and effort, you can mold your EMR to meet your needs, not the other way around.

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