How VARs Help a Medical Practice

VARs or (Value Added Resellers) can help a medical practice deploy new technology and serves as an added support system for doctors seeking help with today’s glut of compliance and technological related issues.

They are, for the most part, independently owned and although they are aligned with some larger company’s products and services they can be a valuable resource for healthcare providers in their community.

When a doctor goes directly to a vendor of EMR systems, he can lose sight of an objective viewpoint.  VARs on the other hand can give a good overview of systems that are on the market but are sometimes bound by contracts with their partners.  Some people would rather use a local person who they have worked with and trust to give them the straight scoop on software and hardware.  VARs are emerging as a key component in effective EMR deployment and have been helpful in providing much needed support and training to medical practices.

Since VARs are able to choose the product manufactures they work with, you can expect that they will partner with a reputable company that can help them in the marketplace.   Ask around and find some well respected VARs in your area.  You’ll be surprised at the knowledge they possess and the expertise they can offer.


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