How to Assess Vendor Viability of Your Electronic Health Record

As the EHR or electronic health record industry is booming fast, it is only understandable that plenty of EHR vendors are coming out here and there in the marketplace. With this, several companies would either be acquired or fold up; as a result, this can have an effect on their present client base.

That’s why you need to find out regarding the feasibility of the vendor in terms of this competitive healthcare setting. Inquire the vendor or you can always perform your own ‘investigation’ and discover the following data:

1) How long has they been in the business.
2) The typical tenure of their employees or workers in their firm.
3) The number of practices they are presently supporting.
4) The number of sales they had in the last year. Is their company getting bigger? Or do they remain stagnant?
5) Dig deeper and ask revealing questions such as: If they got any plans (perhaps in the future) of being acquired by another company or another vendor, or if they plan on merging. Perhaps you won’t get likely a straight answer from them, but you can always try since it’s worth taking the effort.

You need to know valuable information because you’re investing on this partnership; it’s best to ensure that it’s going to last for long.

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