Hello World, We Have an EMR


Today we will look at some ways to communicate to your patients and your community that your practice has implemented an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system.  There are several ways to let people know about your new digital records.  You can send an announcement via email or regular mail letting patients know about the change in your practice.  You can post signs in the waiting area stating the changeover and make some brochures to hand out to each person that comes to the office.

We would recommend that you state the benefits to your patients and the steps you are taking to ensure patient information is secure.  This is the main concern of the general public according to the latest surveys.  You will be surprised at the response because people like to see new technology and how it is used.  This gives your staff an opportunity to tell your patients that if they move, or see another doctor, there records will be available to them for easy portability.

A brochure can be created to help educate patients on the EMR.  Tell them why you are making the move to EMR and how you will protect the information with encryption and safety procedures.  Let them know how they can request prescription refills online.  Post this information on your website if the practice has one and provide updates on how the EMR can help your patients keep track of their medical records.

Once your patients get comfortable with the transition they will be able to play a more active role in their own health care.

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