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We are introducing a new series here on the Iron Comet Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical blog. Its called From the Front Lines. In this series, we will give examples of what we seeing on the front lines of installing Medisoft Clinical and what physicians are doing.The goal is to help create a body of suggestions and helpful information from one site to another.

In our inaugural post in this series, we will go over something that has caused us and physicians a lot of misery: minimum computer requirements. In the course of offering Medisoft support, this is one of the issues that will cause offices the most issues.

All software has system requirements. There are usually two sets of standards – minimum and recommended. The minimum requirements are the absolute lowest  specifications the software will run on. This doesn’t mean that the software will run well. It doesn’t mean that the user’s experience will be good or productive. This is often the point of confusion for many sites. They will purchase computers that meet these requirements and when the computers run the software extremely slowly. It takes 3 times as long to complete tasks. This causes frustration amongst users and physicians but it isn’t the fault of the software. It’s the computer hardware. It just can’t keep up with the demands of the software.

The recommended requirements are those the manufacturer of the software has stated are the best system requirements for its software to run in a way acceptable to the end user. These are the hardware requirements that physician offices should be shooting for when purchasing hardware.

In an interest to save money, many offices will buy the cheapest computers that meet the minimum requirements. If you have purchased an EMR, you have just spent thousands of dollars only to have your entire system come to a screeching halt in the name of saving a few dollars.

Now I know what you are saying. We are a hardware company too so its in our best interest to recommend more expensive hardware. We make the same margin for the more expensive hardware as we do for the cheaper hardware. However, our desire in this post is partially selfish. We receive calls from sites almost daily from across the country that are suffering from performance issues with their EMR. Once we do the initial checks, we find out that the office bought the cheapest computers from the big box stores. They are running the home editions of Windows rather than the professional versions. This is heart of the issue.

When selecting any computer equipment to use with an EMR, be sure to go with the manufacturer’s recommended specifications rather than the minimum requirements. You will have a much better experience with your EMR implementation.

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