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I’m a sucker for “best of” front lines lists.  Even if I might not agree with some of them, they are always interesting to read.  Certainly these lists are subjective but I like to see what other people think is the best.  Because of my affection for helpful tips and tricks of the trade, we present our first series of Best Tips for EMR adoption.  We will start with Support.  The other sections will include quality, cost, safety and efficiency.  I’m sure you’ll agree that these are crucial elements of successful EMR deployment.

 5 Best Tips for EMR Support



1. Every person in your office will need training on the new system.  From front desk to the billing staff, each person will be responsible for some aspect of workflow on your EMR.  Make sure that training is sufficient and ongoing.  Ask your vendor what it costs to support hardware, software, and ongoing training if new staff is added.  You should feel secure that your vendor has your back.  These are huge databases that need constant attention.  Your computers will need to be in tip top shape to handle the load.
2. Ask your vendor how they ensure disaster recovery and business continuity.  Everyday we hear of hurricanes, tropical storms, tornados and electrical storms.  Your specialist should have a standard process to recover from  these events.
3. Use a vendor that can personalize your EMR whether it is building templates for the physician or setting up systems in the EMR that make the workflow palpable.  Make sure they have the expertise and capability to mold your new system to your specifications.
4. Have ONE number to call.  I can’t emphasize enough how frustrating it is to get a busy signal on the phone when your system is down.  Make sure you find a vendor that has a human on the other end during business hours.  If they can fix both hardware and software issues then they are your go to guys.  Ask about a support contract which includes hours per month.
5. Infrastructure is the key to performance in your office.  If your infrastructure is sub-par, your EMR performance will be sub-par.  Make sure that networks, servers, and end user PCs are up to speed. Any weak link in the chain can slow down your EMR.


Healthcare systems are changing so rapidly that having the proper support can relieve extra tension in your practice.  Your system can be organized by having good processes in place.  Stay tuned for more “From the Front Lines”  tips.


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