EMRs vs. Paper Charts

We can all agree that EMRs hold advantages over paper charts.  But I thought it might be helpful to list some attributes and delve into some benefits that passed you by.  I’ve listed these in no particular order.  Feel free to add to our list, your input will help other practices know what to expect.  These are just a few that come to mind:

Drug to Drug Interaction Checks – One of the most important benefits when writing a prescription.  Medisoft Clinical EMR and other quality systems will provide a database of Drug to Drug Interaction.  This will certainly help save lives and increase patient safety.

Progress Notes are Legible – You’ve seen the scribbles on a prescription pad.  Try reading an entire progress note!  Now all notes will be typed and easily read.

More Office Space – After the chart is scanned into the EMR, charts can be stored offsite or shredded depending on preference.  Getting some relief from these dusty papers certainly will provide some breathing room in the office.

Lab Results Returned Electronically – With a good lab interface your labs will be received in your Medisoft Clinical EMR instead of being mailed or faxed.

Electronic Prescriptions – Scripts are sent automatically to the pharmacy eliminating the problems of reading poor handwriting and speeding up the process.

Finding Charts – The charts can easily be found with search options on the EMR.  This will surely save time, and more than one person can access the chart simultaneously.

Disaster Recovery – We always urge our customers to be vigilant about their backup systems.  Now you can store a copy offsite or backup your data on a disk or hard drive.

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