EMR Revolution


Let’s be honest. Many doctors who have not made the transition to EMRs have recently been getting a reputation for being stubborn and inflexible. In our humble opinion that’s not the reality we are seeing. It is true that a certain percentage of physicians are not happy to change the standard procedures in their offices, but for the most part even for those who have not yet come around to buying an EMR, these changes bring significant disruption to the way they are used to practicing medicine.

The shift from paper to an EMR-based practice is a movement into a whole new world. It is more than new technology. It’s an entirely different way to deliver care to their patients. Providers are now being asked to use brand new systems, use software instead of paper, and rethink their entire role they play in care delivery. Certainly this new order can offer significant clinical improvements, financial savings and improved safety yet it still induces a fear of change to the the entire staff of a physician office.

It is true that some clinical staff find the transition easy. Many of our customers who have implemented Medisoft Clinical EMR are tech savvy others are not. The sophisticated software user goes through the training period effortlessly, finds out where to click and with some practice is able to efficiently use an EMR. Others seem overwhelmed and need more time to transition to the new technology.

The EMR revolution will take some time though. We are talking about not just ePrescribing and writing progress notes digitally, but making physician practices into a vast health information exchange. Doctors and staff have to pick up a wide variety of analytical/IT skills as well as change the way they evaluate, diagnose, communicate with, and counsel patients. We believe it is an easier transition with Mckesson’s Medisoft Clinical EMR.

When the dust settles the end result we are hoping for will improve patient safety and ultimately improve patient health. These are large goals but why not try for the best care that you can give? Because we understand that people in the medical field are hardworking and dedicated individuals we don’t see them as the problem. We see them as soldiers for the revolution.


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