EMR Negativity is Overstated


Occasionally I’ll hear a story about a doctor who does not like EMR technology or possibly a company that markets them.  Although it is true that some doctors or hospitals had a bad experience with implementation of a new system, the majority of physicians I speak with are very pleased with their decisions.

What small practice physicians really want from their EMR is flexibility and ease-of use that mirrors the old paper-based processes that have been perfected over decades of patient care.  The small practice EMR needs to be customizable so that it compliments the workflow of physicians, rather than disrupting them.

Several months ago I went to my primary care doctor who specializes in internal medicine.  The practice recently implemented an EMR and they seem to be quite happy about it.  My doctor was able to give me a printout of my health record as a way to remind me of some of the goals that we established.  She then ordered my labs for the next visit and contacted the pharmacy for my script, all electronically.  She gave me about 15 minutes of her time with a brief examination and it took her about 4 minutes on the computer when she was finished.  Do you remember the way it used to be?

I’m all for exposing warts if the technology warrants the grade, but for the most part, EMRs like Medisoft Clinical work just fine for the majority of our customers. The author Lewis Korns said “One always looking for flaws leaves little time for construction”.

The truth is that these new systems are really fantastic.  Experiencing it from the patient view, although new to me, was enlightening as it will be for millions in the future.  There’s a time and place for negativity and anything that is new is ripe for criticism.

The best advice I heard though was from my Dad.  He’d say, “Boy!  Live or die, but don’t poison everything.”  Well said Pop and happy Father’s Day.



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