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Since it is a holiday week, I thought it would be refreshing to continue the discussion on ePatients Medical Marketing.  I urge all of our physician practices to spend some time thinking about where your practice is and where you want it to be.

The adage is very old but quite true:  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Some questions come to mind when we relate this to a doctor’s office.  Can your front desk improve customer service?  Do they ask new patients how they heard of your practice?  Is it possible to improve telephone etiquette and response?  Have your front line personnel been trained to give the most favorable impression of your practice?

A good PR strategy shows how your practice is different from all the rest.  When you can capitalize on opportunities to reach your target audience, your business will be able to attain the goals that you set for volume and quality patients.  As we discussed in my last post, strategic or comprehensive public relations campaigns, or broadcast and print media can garner highly favorable attention for you and your practice.

The ePatient

We prefer wisdom over whimsy and functionality over fads.  By replacing the mystery and guesswork of the Internet, we offer real world solutions that work.  Using online advertising, emails, and socially interactive programs, your practice can connect with your prospective patients before they ever come to your office.  To capture all the digital world has to offer, your marketing effort will pay off with these proven methods.

Today practices must compete vigorously to garner their share of the market.  Having an effective and affordable website is a good start.  A doctor does not need a large marketing budget to get results.  Through comprehensive target marketing, a practice can achieve better visibility in the community and be the first place a patient looks for services.  The e-patient movement empowers patients and engages them in their healthcare choices.  There are strategies to be able to connect to this trend in communication.  It is already a dominant factor in almost every facet of life today.

Simple Techniques

When a physician and medical staff first meet a new patient, a good rule is to invest a few minutes engaging them in a personal, non-clinical conversation.  Getting to know the person, their family, and anything else other than medical problems is a sure fire way to earn the trust and possible referrals from your new client.

A few suggestions for meeting your target audience at an event:

  • Host an event that is timely or newsworthy

The Supreme Court just passed the affordable healthcare act.  What does this mean to patients, doctors, and society?

  • Educate your audience about your services and treatments
  • Have a get-together to celebrate a milestone or achievement

These are examples of compelling reasons for potential patients to come and meet you and your staff outside the clinical setting.  Take advantage of different seasons for different events. It will help set you apart from the others.


Iron Comet Consulting is a Mckesson Platinum certified reseller, medical IT firm and medical billing service based in Stockbridge, Georgia. Our products combine the clinical with the financial to improve workflow and revenue capture. We also offer marketing and web design support for all businesses.

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