Systematic Marketing plan for your Medical Practice

A solid and systematic marketing plan for your medical practice should be developed to inform potential patients about the intrinsic benefits your practice can offer.

The use of marketing and PR to maintain a consistent revenue stream for a medical office is fast becoming a necessity.  With declining revenues and reimbursements, economic forces are making doctors take a hard look at how to improve their bottom line.

Some of the possibilities are easily accomplished while others will take some time to show results.  A few techniques include:

  • Newsletters and email on various health topics
  • Lectures and free meet and greet events in the community
  • Interviews for radio, TV, or local newspaper
  • Traditional advertising, both online and print.
  • Personal Letters and Postcards
  • Patient Surveys

Show your passion

I listen frequently to a local doctor who has a radio show that broadcasts in a very large metropolitan area.  The one thing that attracted me to tune in to his program was his passion about health and medicine.  The excitement of sharing helpful information just oozes out of this man.  He invites all listeners to a monthly symposium where he serves healthy food and gives talks about various topics and even invites parents to bring their children.

Many doctors I know are worn down by the grind of seeing patients everyday.  They tell me of the frustration they feel when their life becomes unmanageable. But, when I hear this fellow on the radio, he seems void of all that.  He is enthusiastic and positive.  He might be an extrovert, somewhat uncommon for most medical providers, but he is able to communicate his medical expertise through a forum to interested listeners as evidenced by the calls he receives and the amount of loyal followers.  He says he is energized when he sees people in the community.  It’s unlikely that a doctor will become a radio personality, but seeing potential patients outside the office might be a recipe to reconnect with that feeling of wanting to help people.


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