Computer Hardware for Electronic Medical Records



It is common knowledge that costs associated with EMR technology can be expensive.  The software you purchase must work well with the practice’s computers. And you may have to purchase new hardware to facilitate your new EMR.  First you will need a list of hardware specifications and make sure your equipment meets those requirements. We recommend that you exceed the requirement just to make sure.  Not adhering to these requirements will make your system run slow and there is no room for that in a fast paced medical office.

Client/server based systems require a server which will house the patient database.  This will be the most important component in your entire system and it is best not to skimp on this purchase.  Having a top notch server will make an enormous difference in system performance.

For physicians who want to use tablets or other mobile devices there are options that need to be taken into account.  You may want to have a remote desktop connection set up instead of loading the software directly to the device.  This way you can access your information on the go without worry of overloading your mobile device.

Some EMR systems require internet access and system speed depends largely on the amount of bandwidth available.  Make note of the amount of bandwidth required to efficiently send, receive and exchange data. Determine whether the internet provider can meet those needs.  You also want to keep all your hardware in tip top shape so make sure that your machines are regularly serviced.

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