Usually when a patient receives a collection letter, they language it contains is quite strong. Examples include “Final notice”, “Past due”, “We will turn your account over to collections”.

Most businesses that use these types of collection letters are assuming that the patient (customer) has no intention of paying the amount that is owed. These letters can be effective and we have included a series of examples below.

Friendly Reminder Collections Letter

Second Reminder Collections Letter

Final Collections Letter

Please feel free to use or change these collection letters to suite your needs. We have gotten good results using this three letter system to help increase collections for our practices. The letters are careful to not attack the patient and acknowledge that they may have issues with the bill that we can help them with.

As the economy continues through this rough patch, we will find more and more patients that aren’t able to make payments on time. It is important to be mindful of that when attempting to collect money from them. These letters help to achieve that.

Iron Comet also offers medical billing and collections services for practices. If you have a need in this area, please contact our office.

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