Cleaning your computer can maximize its lifespan

cleaning your computer

Most people would like to get the most use from an expensive item like a computer. cleaning your computer can go a long way to protecting the investment you have made. Where going to show you some tips you can give your computer a good cleaning.

Why cleaning your computer is so important

Over time, dust and debris will collect in your computer. When a computer gets dirty like this, it will cause parts such as fans to stop working. Fans are critical to keep your computer cool and not overheating. In addition, once layers of dust collect on other parts, it acts as an insulating blanket on the component causing it to overheat and fail. That’s why cleaning your computer is an important part of maintaining it.

Dust and other things can collect inside our keyboards causing them to fail as well. So it’s a good idea to keep them clean as well. You would be surprised what you find when you clean out your keyboard.  Remember that lunch at your desk and a bit of egg salad that slid down between the T and Y keys? How about the Doritos’ cheese power? And that one time you spilled a bit of coffee. We all do these things so as long as you are cleaning your computer once in a while, you should be good.

Get the right tools for cleaning your computer

You’re going to need a few items to get your cleaning done. We recommend the following items:

  • a can of compressed air
  • cotton swabs
  • a clean rag
  • window cleaner such as Windex that is ammonia free
  • a set of screw drivers

We will discuss each of these items throughout the article below.

Now its time to get started. First you will need to shutdown your computer. If you’re using Microsoft Windows, go to the Start button and select Shutdown. Once your computer is shut down, go ahead and remove the power plug from the back of the computer.

Pull the power plug

Pull the power plug

Pull the power plug


Once you have removed the power, use the can of compressed air to blow out the vent of the power supply. This is the most common place for dust and debris to enter the computer and collect. There is nothing in the power supply that you can damage easily so go ahead and use the compressed air to give it a good cleaning.

Once you have done that, use your screwdrivers to unscrew the side panel of your computer. Many neweer computers will have large thumb screws that may not require screw drivers. v

cleaning your computer










Once you have removed the side panel from the computer, use the compressed air on the parts onside. Be sure not to use the air too close, maybe blow the inside from about six inches away. Make sure all of the dust and debris is removed especially from the fan that sits on top of your processor. That will be the large fan you see on the motherboard. Be careful not to touch anything inside the computer itself. Just use the air to clean everything out.

Once you are done with that, put the panel back on the computer.

Take your keyboard and turn it upside down and gently shake it to remove some of the debris. After that, you can use the compressed air to blow out anything stuck between the keys. You can also use the Q-tips here to get a little deeper.

Once you are done with the keyboard, its time to focus on the monitor. You can use Windex to clean your CRT or LCD monitors as long as it is ammonia free. Ammonia can damage screens so be sure not to use that on any CRT or LCD screen.

Once you have completed wiping down the monitor, then you have finished cleaning your computer. Sit back and and enjoy a job well done.

If you need any help on cleaning your computers, please contact us at 770-506-4383 and we would be happy to setup a time to have all of your computers cleaned.


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