Buy a new computer – when is the best time?

buy a new computer

We often get asked this question from customers as to when its time to buy a new computer or similar device such as tablets. Most expect a computer company to say, buy a new computer every year! But of course this isn’t correct for a number of reasons. This article will give you the information you need when you’re are looking to buy a new computer or similar device.

The first thing to consider is this. Is your current computer completing the tasks that you need it to do? Is there something you need the computer to do that it is currently not? Can that be solved by just upgrading software or upgrading a piece of hardware? Is the computer running too slow?

Here are some common issues that you may have and other solutions other than to buy a new computer.

Computer is running too slow

This can be a great many things. Many of which can be resolved little cost or even for free.

  • Your computer simply has too many programs installed – try going through and removing any programs you are no longer using.
  • Too many programs starting up with Windows can really slow down a computer – use the MSCONFIG utility to remove unnecessary programs from starting up with Windows
  • Running out of hard drive space – install a second hard drive very inexpensively
  • Virus or other kinds of malware – get the viruses cleaned out and you will see a big improvement
  • Time to format and reinstall Windows – this also called purging by fire, reinstalling everything from scratch is a last solution but often is a very good one


Computer won’t run programs that I need

  • Is there an upgrade of the program? Do you need more hardware specs such as memory?
  • Can you add more memory or hard drive space? These are both very inexpensive ways to upgrade your computer
  • Do you need to upgrade your operating system? Still using Windows XP? Maybe you only need to upgrade your operating system and that can often be done without buying a new computer.


General guidelines on best time to buy a new computer

Is your computer more than 3 years old?

Are your main programs no longer supported on your operating system?

Can your current computer not handle upgrading to a new operating system?

these are the best indicators of when its time to buy a new computer. If you’re not in any of these situations, then are cheaper alternatives to purchasing.


If you need help determining if you should purchase a new computer, please contact us at 770-506-4383 and we can give you a free assessment. We are good at squeezing more life out of older computers. We can find the most effective way to get more use for you. Give us a call and we can help.







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