Would you rather get a tooth pulled then send out statements?   dentist at work


Sending statements is so labor intensive. It takes a lot of time and effort to get all of your statements out the door. And after that come all the phone calls… All the patients who don’t remember that they have a balance, want to argue about their balance, or maybe just want to pay. So then your office is swamped handling all of the calls.

But one thing  is always true – if you send out statements, you get money in


Getting Paid Has Never Been Easierbill-computer

Plus, enjoy big savings

  • FREE Services…your first 30 days are FREE
  • Save over 60% when you convert Mail to eBills
  • Send eBills FREE with each paid Mail bill
  • Earn Mail discounts for every BillFlash Payment

Complete Suite of Billing & Payment Services

Eliminate headaches when you choose BillFlash as your one-stop shop for Billing & Payment Services that work together for you.

icon-new-eBill  Online eBill

  • Send cost-saving paperless bills securely online through our site MyProviderLink.com
  • Customize accepted payment methods and messages
  • Expedite online payments through MyProviderLink.com

icon-new-ePay  Online ePay

  • Payers (patients or customers) pay you online at our site MyProviderLink.com
  • Payers can send messages to you with their online ePay
  • ePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report

icon-new-Mail  Print & Mail

  • Send professionally printed bills via USPS First-Class Mail
  • Customize accepted payment methods, messages, and color
  • Simplify processing with payment coupons and return envelopes

icon-new-OfficePay  In OfficePay

  • Process walk-in, mail, and phone payments
  • Payers can see OfficePays online at MyProviderLink.com
  • OfficePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report

Integrates directly into Medisoft. Send out statements from within Medisoft in less than 5 minutes. 


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