This week we’re going to give you some tips you can use for your iPhone or Android phones. Tips you might not even know about.

IOS 9 Tips

Turn off the flashlight quickly
Look inside your Control Center and enable the flash light. After you do that, you can turn the flash light off quickly by using the shortcut for your camera on your iPhone’s lock screen.

Shoot High-Speed Video
Normal video is shot at 30 frames per second. The iPhone is capable of shooting video up to 60 frames per second. This means you can have much higher quality videos of your memories.
The iPhone’s default setting is 1080p video at 30fps. If you would like to increase this, go to Settings and then Photos & Camera and Record Video.

Hidden level device
Want to see if that picture in your office is level or not? IOS includes a level device. The iPhone has a built in gyroscope that makes this an easy tool to use. Launch your compass and then swipe the compass right. This will bring out the level device.

Keep the focus locked on your pics
When you are using your camera, you can tap the screen and the camera will focus on the object you tap on. But when you move the camera, it will lose that focus.
If you want to lock it, push and hold until you see a yellow bar at the top of the screen. After that, your focus will be locked.

Android Tips

Backup pics automatically
Google Photos includes a free feature to backup all of your photos online.
There’s nothing worse than losing or breaking a phone only to realize your photos aren’t backed up. Open up Google Pics and follow the prompts to enable auto-backup. Google provides 15GB of online storage.

Swipe instead of typing on your keyboard
If you would prefer a faster method of entering data on your phone’s keyboard, try this. Just drag your finger to the letters of the word instead of tapping them. Just go to each letter until the word is spelled and then lift up your finger and go to the next word. Accuracy is surprisingly good.

Use different default apps
One huge disadvantages of iPhones is that you are locked into many of the default apps like Safari, Email, and the SMS messenger. Well with Android, you are free to change all of these for better apps. To change the default app setting for any app, locate the app in the app menu under the main system settings. Look at the info page for an app and you will see be a button to view and clear the defaults. That will let you select a new default the next time you perform an action.