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Your computer just crashed….. Your server isn’t booting up….

If you’re a small business, you can’t see your accounting data or other critical files. If you’re a CPA or attorney, you can’t view your client’s data.

What do you do now?

Do you have a backup?

Are you sure? When was the last time it was tested or verified?

Is your staff familiar with how to use the backup to get you back up and running?


Backups are no longer just a good idea to have, they are completely necessary. For small businesses. losing your data and not having a backup can be catastrophic.


Iron Comet offers several forms of backup services to ensure that your business is always protected.

We offer systems that backup your data online, locally at your office, and a mixture of both for maximum protection.

Our backup options offer alerts to let you know when a backup failed. The false security of your backup working when in reality it isn’t, is worse than no backup at all.