Appointment reminder system for Medisoft and Lytec.

Auto Remind is the pain killer.  Are you receiving messages from your dentist, chiropractor or others? If yes, then this page will supply you with more information regarding our Autoremind service.Your health or service provider utilizes Auto Remind as a tool to improve the service offered to you, the customer, and to optimize the administration of their business. Auto Remind allows your health / service provider to communicate electronically with mobile devices (cellular phones), land line phones and e-mail accounts. It is a well documented fact that Auto remind will reduce the number of customers which forget their appointment saving them from paying potential penalties.

Despite this being a service offered to you we still put you in ‘the driver’s seat’, by enabling you to stop any further messages anytime you want. See our user manual for details. In the not to distant future we will even allow you to edit your own reminder profile.

Auto Remind improves your business through automated and individualizes messages. AutoRemind is a software-as-a-serivce, or cloud service, which seamlessly integrates and improves processes in various service oriented segments.

Offices frequently share their extreme frustration when patients don’t show up for scheduled appointments. Having staff call days before minimizes the problem, but over time amounts to thousands of dollars of extra staff time.

How big a deal is this for you?

How does this impact cash flow for your practice?

Now imagine virtually all your patients showing up on time and when they’re supposed to! There are many automated reminder services that can help insure this, at very low cost, compared to having staff dedicate time to make the calls.

Iron Comet recommends AutoRemind, the automated patient reminder service which comes integrated with your Medisoft version 17. You can utilize AutoRemind direct from your Office Hours Professional scheduler, and immediately reach patients with a combination of text messages, voice calls or email. Communications preferences are pre-qualified with your patients.

AutoRemind eliminates the hard work that goes into reminding patients of their appointments. We invite you to visit our website and listen to what customers are saying.

Iron Comet also invites you to schedule a one-on-one seminar or sign up for a 30 day free trial.


Auto Remind

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