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Sexting – is your child doing it?

Sexting, or sexual texting, has become a huge thing with the modern world. What grown adults of legal age do in their own time is their business, unless its with a minor. Recently, there have been numerous scandals across the United States involving minors and sexting. Some involve people of note such as Anthony Weiner […]

Employees download viruses every four seconds

A new study released by internet security firm Checkpoint found that virus (malware) attacks increased a staggering 9 fold in 2016. At the current rate, virus outbreaks occur at a rate of 971 per hour. In 2015, it was 106. Researchers discovered an amazing 12 million new variants of malware – each month. They have […]

500 MILLION Yahoo accounts stolen

What happened? Yahoo confirmed late Thursday that they had been breached. Data from 500 million accounts was stolen. Yahoo claims it was a victim of a state sponsored attack, or a foreign government was responsible for the theft. Here is the part that is so terrible. The breach occurred in late 2014 but Yahoo is […]

Change the flashlight brightness in iOS 10

Android has had this for a while and iPhone users have been jealous. You can finally change how bright the flashlight is on iOS 10. In this Quik Tip, we’ll show you how. You will need to be using an iPhone 6S or newer device because this needs the 3D touch sensor to work. To […]

Viruses in online advertising

hhhThis is an ongoing trend that we really want to make our customers aware of. Yes, we make money from cleaning out commuters infected with viruses. but we want to do whats best for our customers. Teaching you how to keep yourself from getting infected in the first place is the just good customer service. […]