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Computer virus forces hospitals to shut down systems and cancel operations

A computer virus attack forced three hospitals to shutdown their computer systems and go completely offline. This caused the cancellation of all routine operations and outpatient appointments. A “major incident” was reported by both the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust. The cause was listed as a “computer virus” which infected its electronic systems […]

Was your website down? Massive attack against the web

Last Friday morning, October 21, 2016, there was a massive distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack against large parts of the internet. Many websites were unreachable for over two hours Even the website of many large companies like Twitter, Spotify and Netflix. This was a massive, well coordinated attack that had been a long time […]

Computer security in the US elections – a real fear?

With the election coming on November, we have all been fed a steady stream of intense drama from both candidates. However, one subject we haven’t heard much about is just how safe is our election process? How good is the computer security of the election machines? Most people don’t realize that most voting machines are […]

Upgrade to Windows 10 – should you upgrade?

If you ask a computer repair company when you should upgrade something, you probably expect them to always say NOW! And while there are good reasons to upgrade and keep current with technology, that doesn’t always match up with the budgets of small businesses. This is especially true with those who wish to  upgrade to […]

Cleaning your computer can maximize its lifespan

Most people would like to get the most use from an expensive item like a computer. cleaning your computer can go a long way to protecting the investment you have made. Where going to show you some tips you can give your computer a good cleaning. Why cleaning your computer is so important Over time, […]

Identity theft – don’t be a victim

In the United States, each year, more than 17 million Americans are victims of identity theft. It is a growing crime that can have massive implications for the victims.As we become more and more depended on technology, it will become easier and easier for the bad guys to perform these types of crimes.   What […]

Buy a new computer – when is the best time?

We often get asked this question from customers as to when its time to buy a new computer or similar device such as tablets. Most expect a computer company to say, buy a new computer every year! But of course this isn’t correct for a number of reasons. This article will give you the information […]