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Child Protection – Secretly recording underage girls in shower isn’t child porn says court

The Supreme Court of the state of Tennessee vacated the conviction of the charges of  producing child pornography.  The defended, a Knoxville man, named Thomas Whited secretly filmed his 12 year old daughter his daughter’s 14 year old friend. He recorded them showering, going to the bathroom, and undressing. Whited recorded the bathroom for two months […]

Testimonial one

Iron Comet really saved us. On their first call, they didn’t even charge us. Every time they came out to do work, it was fixed right the first time. Thank you!
Carol Lucas – Dr. Perry’s office

How to tell if you have a computer virus

You may be thinking your computer is infected with a computer virus. Maybe your computer is slower than it used to be or you are seeing strange popups. Regardless, you’re concerned and want to know what to do. You’ve come to the right place. This article will give you a quick overview of just what […]