Anti malware software maker, MalwareBytes, has been tracking a “malvertising” campaign for months. It distributes the Cerber ransomware. It pops up on one ad network, then another. Then it stats the process all over.

One of this attacker’s favorite target has been on torrent or streaming sites. However it also has been seen on  URL shorteners that use a pay per view/click model when people open up a shortened URL. They then have  to wait for an ad to load before getting to the link they cliched on. As more ads are shown,  the more chances of users being infected is dramatically increased.The ad sites are slow to stop the ads because it generates revenue for them.

The best way to protect yourself from these types of malware is to use a quality malware protection software like MalwareBytes.Its very important to have some form of protection because types of attacks only require you to click on an ad. You won’t know the ad is malicious. And then your computer will be infected with ransomware.

Iron Comet’s Total Service Solution includes MalwareBytes for each computer and offers total protection against these and many other forms of attacks.Get more information on how we can protect you from these and many other forms of attacks.